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AMany of you know that I used to work at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It was one of my favorite jobs. I love animals and to be around them everyday was beautiful. One of my favorite animals was the Timber Wolves. Animals start to recognize people and as I would approach their habitat, they would come near me. They would follow me from one end of the habitat to the other. If only I could reach in and pet them. That would not be a good idea! I worked in the visitor service area so it was great to be able to help and assist the guests with their experiences.

Did you know that Ohio is home to 6 zoos. The Cleveland Metroparks zoo is the oldest Zoo in Ohio. Founded before 1900. Akron Zoo which was about 20 minutes from where we lived, small zoo but very nice. Toledo Zoo, I am going to be totally honest I never had the chance to visit this zoo or the Cincinnati Zoo. Totally opposite ends of the state. There is one place, it’s not a zoo really but it’s The Wilds. This is a unique place. You get in a safari bus and it takes you through the park. The animals run free and it’s great to see them in a habitat that they might be used to. Animals come up to the vehicle, totally cool!

Ohio also has many attractions. Ohio is known for the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, that’s not the only Hall of Fame, in Canton there is the Football Hall of Fame. Which my husband and I went to about 3 years ago because a Green Bay Packer player had just been inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. It’s a really cool attraction. I learned so much about the sport and that Ohio did well in the early part of the game years, before the leagues were even put together.

The Dayton Air-force Museum, this museum has planes dating back to Wilbur and Orville Wright. Planes have came a long way since they first were invented. Cedar Point is a great amusement attraction. We would go there every few years. If you like roller coasters you would love Cedar Point. Hocking Hills State Park is one of my favorite parks. It adds a totally new meaning to the word hiking.

Has this whet your appetite to go to Ohio. I wish I could go up and visit my home state. Hopefully soon. I miss my family.

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