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Why I Like South Florida

As I wake up this morning it’s another beautiful day in South Florida. I look out my window and the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. It’s 8 o’clock and it’s already 82 degrees (it was when I wrote this). That’s why we moved to Florida right, especially south Florida.

It’s a state that stays nice all year round. Well, for the most part. We do have to deal with hurricanes but that’s only for about half the year and we can prepare for those.

Every day in the summer here in Florida I think it’s so hot. But when I talk to my family and I think about the winter, I know why I’m here. They are dealing with snow, ice, and freezing rain. I don’t miss those days, when you wake up in the morning and you have ice, snow that you have to scrape off your window. Knowing you have to get up and get your car started 15 minutes in advance to have everything start melting. I do not miss that.

Sometimes I do wish that I lived in a place that took the cooler weather, which is about 75 all year round, and the sun and the tropical plants that we have here in Florida. That would be the perfect place for me.

South Florida has so much to offer, normally, with the virus we need to be a little careful. In the South Florida area we have 2 zoos, one in Palm Beach and the other in Miami. They are both very beautiful zoos. We have many museums, the ocean, the everglades, and that’s just scrapping the surface.

There are many dining and vacation areas too. Taking a weekend trip to the keys is always nice and relaxing.

When you’re up to your next travel vacation, stop by South Florida and see what it has to offer!