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Turtle Release

When you own a pool, you never know what you’ll come home to. Sometimes we come home and there’s an iguana in the pool, but the other day we came home and there was a turtle in the pool.

This was on Wednesday, May 27th. My husband and I came home at about the same time, him a little before me, to find a turtle in our swimming pool. It was a good size turtle about 11 inches. My husband said I’m going to take it to the canal behind our neighborhood and release it. We live about 2 miles from Palm-Aire Village, in Twin Lakes. I am an animal lover and the more you get to know me the more you’ll find that out. Of course I wanted to go.

We got in the car, we put the turtle in a bucket and drove maybe a fourth of a mile. On our way the turtle was trying to get out of the bucket you could see his head peeking from the top of the bucket it was cute. I am sure he was nervous and scared. I’m sure he’s never been in a car before.

We finally got to the canal, my husband let the turtle out and he was slowly moving but when he could see water within his sight, the faster he started to go. In less than 30 seconds we could no longer see the turtle. Has anyone seen turtles near their homes? In their pools?