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When I was in High School I started to write stories. Some long and some short. This was a way that I could de-stress, and express myself. This was a short story that I wrote a few years ago. I will release the story in 3 separate posts.

I hope you enjoy this story.

The Only Child

Twenty years ago having a family of three or five was common. Forty years ago some families had as many as ten or fifteen. I adore children especially the kind you can take for a while, fill them with candy, and hand back to their parents.

I never planned or wanted children. I love my life, taking off and going any place or anytime. That’s why I don’t even have pets. Sometimes what you think you want and what you really want are two different things. I was twenty-eight and happily married. We had just come back from our best vacation ever, we had gone to Ireland.

We had my best friend over and her family and talked with them about our trip, we showed them our pictures on CD that we took of our trip. They loved it and we then planned for the four of us to take a trip to Peru.

Before they left my best friend, Amy, asked if I could take care of her daughter for a day. I really wanted to help her out but it was a young child. Her daughter was ten. What do you talk with a ten year old about? Her daughter always referred to me as a teenager.

I decided to take her to a movie. The reviews for the movie looked good. Once we sat and watched the movie all I kept thinking was is this appropriate for a ten year old.

After the movie was over she was asking me to explain almost every scene in the movie, I knew the movie was not a good choice. I tried my hardest to explain the scenes and told her that I would never take her to a movie without her parents’ suggestion. After the movie we went to her favorite place to eat, Cracker Barrel, she loves macaroni and cheese. That is what she ordered and I promised if she was good I would get her a small toy from the gift shop.

I think that’s why kids or even adults like Cracker Barrel. The food is good too but hey it’s one of the best gift shops. I had a lot of fun with her today.

Being around a child wasn’t so bad. I took her home around six, that evening her mom called and asked if I had time tomorrow too. Amy had promised her mom Belinda that she would take her to the Outlet Mall. It was easier for Amy to go alone with her Mother. Two days in a row – why not!


                                                                                                                                                        THE ONLY CHILD PART II