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The Only Child Continued

Part II

As I sat on the couch that night sipping a glass of wine, wondering what I could do tomorrow with Madeline, Amy’s daughter.  I thought I would take her to the park, it’s a small park, but I would be able to watch her from any end of the park.

My husband, Joe, who has always supported me, was very unsure of what I was doing.  He questioned me a couple times to make sure this is really what I wanted to do.

I’m the type of person if I don’t want to do it, I won’t.  I will be very honest part of me wanted to do this and part of me really didn’t think I could.  I think that is the whole problem with me I was nervous but a friend is different. You go out of your boundaries and will do anything to assist in any situation.

I picked her up at ten and we went to the park.  She wanted me to do everything with her, so much for sitting in one spot and watching her.  I was very tired afterward and totally understood why parents of young children stay in shape.

Madeline asked if she could spend the night.  I told her to call and make sure it was okay with her mom.  Her mom was fine and it would give her parents time to be alone.

Joe wasn’t very happy.  Normally our nights are filled with cuddling and our time.  Instead we played games that night with Madeline popped popcorn and watch movies.  As a result we had fun.

During the next week I began to think about Madeline and having a child of my own.  How do you approach a man who has no desire to have children?  I would have to plan this carefully.

I planned to have his favorite dinner ready, fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  He likes red wine, it doesn’t go great with chicken, but that is what he likes.

I lit two candles and had the wine poured as he waked in.  I handed Joe his glass and we sat in the living room as the food was cooking.  We chatted briefly about his day at work.  He really doesn’t like talking about work at home.  I thought the time was right to ask him.

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