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The other day a friend and I went for a walk and headed to Easterlin Park. However, the park was closed so we continued down 38th St. and came across Stunson Nature Trail.  I’ve seen this trail and have kept telling myself one day I’m going to walk through it. I finally did it and it’s a beautiful nature trail. If you take NW 38th St. west of Powerline, you pass 10th Ave. and on the right side is Stunson Nature trail. The total loop is only 1/4 of a mile, but the amount of foliage that you see is remarkable. 

There are a total of five zones.The first zone you come to is the Wetlands. In that zone you will see Giant Leather Fern, Jointed Spikerush, Pickerelweed and Duck Potato.  The second zone is the Flatwood zone. In this zone you will see Slash Pine, Blanketflower, Saw Palmetto and Wax Myrtle. The 3rd zone is the Seashore zone. In this zone you will see Jamaican Caper, Yellow Necklacepod, Cocoplum and Sand Cordgrass. The 4th zone is the Hardwood zone. In this zone you will see American Beautyberry, Coralbean, Coontie and Wild Coffee.  The last zone is known as the Prairie zone. In this zone you’ll see a beautiful butterfly garden, along with Common Milkweed, Crinum Lily, Lanceleaf Tickseed and Firebush. As you work your way through the trail there are a couple spots to sit down and enjoy the scenery. Take your time as you stroll through this nature park. The park is open from 7 AM to 7 PM.