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I am originally from Ohio. I’ve been living in Florida for about 17 years and I do miss the seasons. The nice thing about this time in Ohio, Fall time, leaves are changing and it’s brisk enough to wear a nice sweater but not too cold where you have to wear a parka. This week I thought we could talk about what Ohio has to offer. What I miss about Ohio and what I don’t miss.

As a kid we had so much so close but as I got older certain parks started to close. Within a 40 minute drive I could go to Sea World, Geauga Lake or a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Believe me I took advantage of all of them!!! One year I won tickets from the radio to go to Sea World. I was so excited about that. We, my dad and I, almost made it in the splash zone until he found out and we moved about 3 rows up. It was a hot day, getting wet would have been great!

Stayed tuned as we take a look into the state of Ohio.