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Fit at 50

Once a week I will share a recipe or an exercise that I am doing to help me stay healthy. So much changed when I hit that BIG 5O. It was harder to lose the weight that I needed, it was harder to look the way I looked in my 20s. I realized that I didn’t have to look like I did in my 20s, but I needed to be healthy and I need to feel good.

One thing that I have instituted every morning and every afternoon is walking. I walk about 30 – 60 minutes a day, of course weather permitting. If it’s raining outside then I normally dance. I love to dance so there are a couple of dance exercises that I do, one of them is Country Heat and the other is Cize.

Why I like walking is because it gives me a chance to distress and it also gives me a chance to think about things. Many times I’ll be walking and I come up with an idea to either write about or a new DIY project that I want to do. Another exercise that I do is a daily 5 minute ab exercise. There’s a lot to work in just 5 minutes. Sometimes if I am feeling extra energetic I will stretch it to 10 minutes.

As I get older the need for stretching is very important and necessary. I like to stretch in the morning and at night.