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Eat or Drink Your Oranges!


You’ve been told it’s better to eat your fruit than drink it. There are so many delicious smoothies that combine many different fruits at once, there would be no way that you could eat all that in one sitting.

What about Orange Juice? Orange Juice has Vitamin C, that’s something we all could use during these stressful days. Do you ever wonder why Orange Juice is so expensive, at least I think so.

Did you look at this picture? It took four oranges to fill this cup up with Orange Juice. Let me tell you, it was really good to have freshly squeezed Orange Juice. I squeezed them with a manual juicer.

Even though the Orange Juice was delicious and sweet, I determined for myself, that I will eat my oranges versus drinking them.

What do you prefer? Oranges or Orange Juice? Let me know!!!!

Stay safe and be well.