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Dutch Pour

Why is it called a Dutch Pour? I honestly am not sure. This is a painting that uses very little paint. I like doing these paintings, once I get started I have realized I have gone through a pack of 10 canvases.

1) Pick your colors that you want to use. I normally pick about 3 colors.

2) You will need one main color, for a contrast, either black or white.

3) I use 1/2 ounce cups, use even amounts of paint / pouring medium / water

4) Pour onto canvas and outline with the contrast color.

5) Get your hairdryer, if you can make sure it is not pushing out hot air. It will dry the paint really fast.

6) The contrast color will be swept through the other colors on the canvas. It can create very cool designs.

7) Let it dry for a few days and put a sealant on it.

Enjoy your beautiful painting.