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Could you call South Carolina your home? Why not, I did for 4 years. One of my favorite areas to visit and walk around is Charleston’s Historic District. The beautiful homes in downtown Charleston, the battery and the beautiful view of the water. One of my favorite things to do in downtown Charleston is going through the Straw Market. So many cool items for sale and many of them are handmade by local people. One of my favorite items to watch them make and want to purchase are the straw bags, purses, hats, baskets and other handmade straw items. There are so many restaurants along the way the aroma calls you to walk in and enjoy their food.

I was speaking with my husband the other day, the next time we make a trip to South Carolina, we are going to possibly, depending on the cost of course, rent a bed and breakfast downtown Charleston, right on the battery. Wouldn’t that be so cool!

There are a few zoos in South Carolina, there is the Riverbanks Zoo, this zoo has a botanical gardens. I love botanical gardens, they are so pretty and it’s peaceful to walk through. There are a couple more Zoos in South Carolina, one being the Greenville Zoo and the other the Low Country Zoo. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in South Carolina but I do remember slightly going to the Riverbanks Zoo.

Some cities that are a must see and drive through near Charleston are Isle of Palms, James Island, Folly Beach, Mount Pleasant and Summerville (especially when the Azaleas are in bloom). Hope to see you soon South Carolina.

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