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Simple $8 DIY Project

During the past month we have been remodeling our second bedroom. Before we started to paint the bedroom my husband asked if we wanted to paint the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan was your ordinary brown ceiling fan color. As you start to get to know me better I love DIY projects and this seemed like a fun project. So the fun began and we went to Lowe’s to get paint for the bedroom and the ceiling fan. It was hard trying to find spray paint to match the interior latex paint for the walls. We were able to do so after eliminating many choices.

When we came home my husband removed the fan piece by piece, we sprayed everything with the color ‘gloss jungle green’ except the blade brackets that we painted white. We gave each piece two coats of paint. As my husband reassemble the fan it came out awesome.

I have already told him I want to do that with the fan in our third bedroom. How much did this whole project cost, except for labor and time, it cost $8. We still have plenty of white spray paint left for the third bedroom fan so all will need to do is get paint to match the wall. If you like to do DIY projects this was a fun project and I am ready to start my next DIY project.