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About 15 years ago my son and I were invited over to a friend’s house, they lived in The Lofts of Palm Aire and my son begged me to purchase a home in this community. He loved the bedroom because inside the bedroom there is a loft area where he wanted to have his bed. I was a single mother on a fixed income and we already had a condo. Also at that time my mortgage was under and there was no way that I could sell my condo and purchase one of these lofts. I totally forgot about this location until the other day when I was driving by the community of Palm Aire Village. Look what happened below! Google made a short video of my activity from my pictures and videos …LOL!
So as I was saying, I was driving on NW 21st Avenue and I looked to my left and I noticed this park which I had never seen before. I pulled over to look to see what the amenities of the park were. This was a very, very nice park. It had a children’s play area, restrooms, volleyball, a covered pavilion with a cooking grill, and basketball courts. As a real estate agent, I start to notice things in regards to location that I did not pay attention to before. I looked at the surroundings and I saw that the mega church Calvary Chapel was located right next to this Palm Aire Village Park, a convenience some woud likely enjoy being so close to the neighborhood.

So I then said let me take a little drive through the neighborhood to see what else it had to offer. On the drive through the neighborhood I noticed that the homes were decent size detached homes but the farther I traveled up the main road I now saw townhomes and villas. 

So Palm Aire Village is a very diverse neighborhood. I came to the end of the street I was driving on and noticed that the neighborhood seemed to continued across a main street so I drove over there and I saw more homes, it was then that I realized that The Lofts of Palm Aire Village (the same loft style home my son wanted me to purchase years earlier) were part of that same Palm Aire Village community. This is the breakdown:

Palm Aire Village West is exclusively a single family home community while Palm Village East has villas, townhomes and single family homes. The Lofts of Palm Aire Village are the loft styles townhomes with dead end streets that lead to a lake (No lake access).

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These neighborhoods are quiet and very well centrally located. A Publix grocery store is nearby, with restaurants. Calvary Chapel (mentioned earlier) and Calvary Christian Academy is within walking distance from the Palm Aire Village Park. The average price of single family homes are $372,000 and the average price of townhomes & villas are $223,000.

If you have children you probably want to know about which schools are located in which districts. The Lofts of Palm Aire Village elementary school is Cypress Elementary, the middle school is Lauderdale Lakes Middle, and the high school is Boyd H. Anderson. Palm Aire Village East and West elementary is Cypress Elementary, the middle school is Lauderdale Lakes and the high school is Northeast High School.

There are a few airports near Palm Aire Village and the Lofts of Palm Aire Village, 2 of them are executive airports, one is Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport and the other is Pompano Beach Airpark. The closest International Airport is Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport.

What’s there to do that close to Palm Aire Village and the Lofts of Palm Aire Village? There is a nice nature center with hiking trails a little north on Lyons Road called Fern Forest. If you like butterflies there is a beautiful place called Butterfly World, they have more than just butterflies, they also have birds and botanical gardens.  Shopping anyone? There is a nice shopping area on the corner of Lyons and Wiles road called the Promenade at Coconut Creek. They have everything there from shopping, to restaurants and a cinema. 

Needing a hospital? There are a few hospitals close by; Holy Cross Hospital around Commercial & Federal Highway. Broward Health Imperial Point around 62nd St and Federal Highway. Florida Medical Center around Oakland Park Blvd and the  Florida Turnpike.

What other neighborhoods are close by – Tamarac Lakes, Gardens of Palm Aire, Royal Poinciana Condominium, Twin Lakes, Tamarac Hills.

Which now brings me back to the beginning of the story. It’s so interesting how events in your life can come back years later.