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The Only Child Part III (Cont.)

“Joe I wanted to talk with you about something that has been on my mind the last week.”

“What is it?” He questioned as he pulled me closer to him.

I smiled at him and said, “I’m 28 and my biological clock is ticking away. I think it’s time we think about having a baby.”

He looked at me a smiled. “You enjoyed spending time with Madeline?”

“Yeah, she’s a great kid. I know that our child will be the same because we would be the parents.”

He chuckled at me. “I’ve been thinking the same thoughts lately. How about we talk with your gynecologist?”

“I’ll schedule an appointment, oh thank you Joe.” We met with the gynecologist and we began trying. I called Amy and let her know what was going on. She was very happy for us and to let her know if we needed anything.

After three months I became pregnant. I was very happy. The next few months went by fast. It felt great to feel the baby kick. Joe was so excited when he saw the baby stretch and his hand would come up and you could actually see the definition in the baby’s hand.

On June 10 I began to feel contractions. We went to the hospital, ten hours later a handsome baby boy was born. We named him Brad; I knew that he was going to be as great as his dad.

Brad was growing so fast, when Brad was 5 we had Madeline watch him while Amy, her husband, Joe and myself all went out to dinner. When we came home they were both sleeping on the couch. I told Amy to leave her and we would bring her home tomorrow.

Two more years went by and Madeline graduated from high school. When Madeline was 21, Brad was 10. She wanted Brad to be in her wedding so he agreed. He was very excited, what kid wouldn’t be.

Brad and Madeline formed a special relationship between the two of them. They took trips together and when Brad graduated from high school and college Madeline attended and her daughter, Stephanie was the flower girl for his wedding.

This is a tradition that would continue. When I was 65 and Joe was 68, my grandson married Madeline’s granddaughter. Who would of thought years later that my best friend would be become my in-law and all because it started with one only child.


THE ONLY CHILD II                                                                                                                            TO BE CONTINUED