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Growing a Pineapple

Have you ever thought about growing a Pineapple. It’s not hard, and it’s very rewarding. Think of the day when you can go outside and see a fully ripened, ready to pick pineapple.

It’s so easy and the taste of a home grown pineapple is out of this world.

1) Start with a store bought pineapple or one that someone has given to you

2) Cut the top of the pineapple

3) Cut around the pineapple until it becomes a point, cutting alot of the flesh (see picture in video)

4) Plant in a pot (we start them in a pot, allow them grow)

5) Once they have grown and roots start, it’s time to plant in a designated area, you can also keep it in the pot, if you want.

6) Now it’s time to watch for a pineapple to appear

7) Allow it grow and cut when fully grown

8) ENJOY!!!!

This is something that does not happen overnight it will take about 18-24 months to enjoy your fruit. My thought is to plant a few so you will have them and then you can replant the plant (lol).